Simple ways to Loss Weight
Starting a weight loss program? The most important part of it is to make a schedule and stick to the plan. A strict implementation of a weight loss program will give you guaranteed results. Decide how much weight you need to shed, use a BMI calculator and set the ideal weight loss target. There are few simple steps you can follow to lose your weight without any health risks.

Eat Healthy:
Do not eat junk food. The most of the junk foods contains large amounts of cholesterol which is a main obstacle to any weight loss program. Only healthy foods contribute for a weight loss program. It is suggested to cook at home for healthy lifestyle. Fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals, healthy meat and grains cooked with less salt and oil will help you to loss weight in no time.

Any weight loss program requires you to burn more calories than what you take. Physical activities and exercises prevents your body from gaining weight. Good exercise practices under a trainer or at home involving cardio and aerobics keeps the fat away. Stress on muscle tone and sweat out daily for atleast 30 minutes to help yourself  to loss weight.

Ideal Snack Habits:
Snacking is important part of any diet plan. It keeps your mind and body energy levels up and keeps the sugar levels low preventing over eating. The best snacks with low calories are walnuts, almonds, pista, carrot crunchies with any sauce, greek yogurt, natural peanut butter sandwiches, low calorie oats bars, low fat popcorn. There are many other snacks that are loaded with good amount of fiber and low calories. Google them.

Sports & Hobby:
Do you have some extra time? if not make a way for it. Add a hobby or a sport to your life. Enjoy your weekend mountaineering or play a simple sport badminton, which is one of the best way to burn extra fat. Mowing the lawn, cleaning and painting home or one shot two bird activities.

A good idea is about ten percent and implementation and hard work, and luck is 90 percent. 
- Guy Kawasaki

( by Michie Worht)

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Simple ways to Loss Weight
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