Benefits of eating Dates
Dates are the sweet and delicious fruits which have numerous benefits. The fructose and dextrose available in dates give them ability to give instant energy. These are rich in dietary fibers. When we intake high amounts of bad cholesterol ( LDL ) the dietary fibers help to stop bad cholesterol from melting into the body and eases body for a motion.

A natural chemical called tannin is present in dates. It is a flavonoid polyphenolic anti oxidant which is good for health. It saves our body from infections, burning sensations, inflammation and bleeding.

The anti oxidants beta carotin, lutin and Zea-xanthin in dates protect the cells in our body. These protect our body from prostate, lung, colon and some other cancers. Zea-xanthin helps to keep your eye health when you are ageing.

Dates have significant amount of iron which is helpful for women who are often troubled by anemia. The abundant potassium in dates help in controlling high blood pressure, heart diseases and paralysis.

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Benefits of eating Dates
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