Various Green Leaf Vegetable Benefits

Leafy green vegetables can give you a lot of health benefits. Eating daily 2 cups of leafy green vegetables can take your overall health condition new heights according to health experts.

Let us see what kinds of benefits you can get from a particular leafy vegetable.
Fresh Spinach
  • Amaranth can give you 50 calories. It contains Vitamins B1 & B2, which are good for eye health.
  • Malabar Spinach has 66 percent of iron. It gives your body overall strength and can reduce risk of
  • Agati has significant amounts of iron which can help pregnant women. It reduces the risk of stones in kidneys. 
  • Mint is widely available leafy vegetable. It can reduce bad breath and also it has the power to control mouth infections and can fight bacteria.
  • Coriander leaves have the ability to increase blood production and digestion power.
  • The curry leaves that are widely used in Asian foods is considered good for hair and can reduce the risk of cancers.
  • Sorrel leaves can cure cough and rhinitis. It also has good amounts of calcium and can help to reduce anemia. 
  • Spinach is the most widely used leafy vegetable around the world. It is rich in vitamins A, C. Iron and Calcium available in spinach helps good growth in children.
(-by Deepika)

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Various Green Leaf Vegetable Benefits
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