Fiber foods benefits, Eat them to avert lifestyle disorder risks

Eating food that has plenty of fiber is solution for many health issues. This  has become a common advice by doctors and dietitians.  The modern lifestyles among the people has made complete health unattainable. Pollution, mental stress and unhealthy food habits are the real culprits.
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Make it necessary that you eat fiber foods daily to prevent any long term health disorders

Quick Ageing and other health risks can be averted by nutritional food and more essentially by increasing intake of dietary fiber.

How much fiber is needed ?
According to WHO recommendations each person need 30 grams fiber every day.

There have been rapid changes in eating habits. The modern foods available in the market do not provide the required amount of fiber to the body. Most of the people fail to recognize that traditional foods are the good source for sufficient dietary fiber.

Whole grains, rice, barley, wheat, finger millet, corn, pearl millet, oats have good amounts of fiber. It is also available in various vegetables, fruits, pulses and dry fruits. It is just a matter of selecting the right food to be able to keep your body healthy.

Benefits of fibre
Eating food that has fiber has many health benefits. It lowers risk of  heart diseases, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, obesity and also it can reduce fat content in blood plasma.

5 facts about fiber food
*  Helps in weight loss, controls sugar and fat levels in blood.
*  Fiber slowly digests in body keeping you less hungry which helps to weight loss.
*  Helps prevent colon cancer.
*  Significantly lowers the risk of long term illnesses.
*  Children who are obese can eat fiber rich food but normal children have different fibre
    recommendations ( children from 4 to 8 yrs need 25 grams of fiber every day and 9 to 13 aged are
    adviced 26 to 31 grams per day ).

See the list of foods that have high fiber content.
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