10 Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss or fall is the most annoying thing that has become more common these days. In women it is the worst night mare because most of them love their hair than anything else.  Person who has this situation will keep thinking about this problem, that might cause mental stress.

Our Hair Story
It is estimated that there are atleast 1 lakh hairs on our head. These grow an half inch to one inch every month. After growing for 2 to 6 years they go into rest mode. The hair which falls is usually the hair from rest mode. At anytime 85 % of hair keeps growing while the remaining stays in rest mode. On an average every day 50 to 100 hairs fall but as the cycle of growing and falling continues one could not notice any difference with their scalp. 

But if the hair falls in clumps, hair balding and thinning is observed. Do not neglect the symptoms get an medical advice because the reason for the excess hair loss might be any health condition, lack of nutrition or any external reasons like pollution and drying.  Relax, sometimes it just happens without any reason ( Read this. It might help you: 7 Do not's to prevent hair fall ).

10 Causes for hair loss in women

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Thyroid Problems: 
Abnormal release of thyroid hormones, be it less or more from thyroid glands can show negative impact on the hair growth life cycle resulting in hair loss.  Sudden weight gain or loss, unable to deal with heat and cold, change in heart beat range are the other symptoms of thyroid problems.

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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS):  This is an hormonal health disorder that arise when the body produce high number of androgens  or also called male hormones. In this condition excess hair growth is observed on the body and face and at the same time hair fall is seen on the head. Irregular periods, pelvic pain and acne are other symptoms of  Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

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Alopecia Areata: 
It occurs when our immune system accidentally attack hair follicles. In this condition hair loss happens in clumps in round spots. This can happen on any part of the body which is rare. The hair grows back to normal in about 6 to 12 months.

Fungal Infections: Ring worm, scalp psoriasis and other infections irritate hair badly which result in hair fall. These infections can be contagious. 

After Pregnancy: During pregnancy hormones levels are high due to which the hair from the rest mode does not fall that easily. But after pregnancy when the hormone levels come to normal the hair suddenly starts falling in large number. This situation could come to control in about 2 years. 

Contraceptive Pills: Studies have found that birth control pills have varied effects on the hair. Some have not see any changes while some people who used contraceptive pills observed hair shedding. It all depends on your body and the type of the pill. We all know that these pills disturb a natural process. 

Food Habits: The modern food habits lack nutrition which are essential for a good hair growth. A person who losses more than 17.637 pounds or 8 kgs of weight by skipping protein food might notice hair fall in 3 to 6 months.

Cancer Treatment: It is a common known fact that cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy will have adverse effect on hair follicles. The hair will grow back to normal after the treatment is stopped.

Mental Stress:  The most common reason for hair loss in men and women is mental stress. Any sudden shocking incidents, severe illness or operations can contribute to hair shedding.  To overcome this problem you need to relax your mind. 

Tight Knot: Do not knot hair tightly for long duration as it can show an intense negative effect on the scalp. This might result in permanent hair loss.

Prevention and Treatment for Hair Loss:
The above mentioned causes for hair fall or loss are mostly reversible or prevented. It just needs a right approach towards the problem. A proper diagnosis of the cause for any health condition by a medical expert can solve the problem . The new hair regrowth techniques like lasers and hair transplants are widely available. 

To keep hair healthy eat foods which have plenty of vitamins, minerals and most importantly zinc, iron and calcium.

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