5 Drinks to Reduce Body Heat Instantly in Summer

Summer is a pleasant holiday experience in some parts of the world. But the summer on the other side of the planet is extremely hot, that brings a set of problems with it. The extreme temperatures in summer in Asia, Africa and the other parts of the world should be dealt with a proper care to keep to your health in a good condition.
                                  drinks to reduce body heat in summer
Exposing for longer times in sun should be avoided. The temperatures can heat up the body extremely making it impossible to cool itself which can result in dehydration and heat stroke. The solution to lower the body heat in summer is to take foods that cool your body. We are listing 5 drinks that can cool the body heat in summer instantly. These are almost easily available and will show fastest results.

1. Coconut Water: The magical natural drink coconut water is the best source to beat the  
    body heat . It instantly replaces the fluid loss in the body. It's low fat and zero fat 
    properties and anti ageing benefits make it the top ideal drink in summer.

2. Butter Milk : Add some water and pinch of salt to taste to thick yogurt , mix it well and 
    the tasty butter milk is ready. This tasty drink can significantly lowers the risk of heat 
    stroke. It improves  immune system and repairs digestive problems.
3. Sugar Water: Take a glass of water, add two tablespoons of sugar. This extremely simple
    make at home drink will surprise you with instant result. One night when I have no 
    other option I just tried this and totally shocked, the sugar water instantly reduced my 
    body heat.

4. Water Melon juice: The sweet and good looking most loved summer fruit is watermelon.
     It has 92% water in it and has vitamin C. Watermelon juice rapidly cools down the body 
     from summer heat. It is easy to make.
5.Cucumber juice: Remove the skin, chop to pieces, throw into a blender or mixer to make 
    the superfood cucumber juice. Like in the watermelon, cucumber contains 95% of water . 
    Its natural properties lowers the body temperature very quickly. It takes care of your hair 
    and skin. Cucumber has cancer fighting properties. Don't miss cucumber this summer.

It also important to keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water. However try to avoid liquids from freezer. They may least help you.

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5 Drinks to Reduce Body Heat Instantly in Summer
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