Chronic Migrane causes and prevention

(Chronic Migraine Causes and Prevention)   
Chronic Migraine is a sub type of migraine headaches. It is a neurological health disorder which cause prolonged head aches very frequently. 

According to International Headache Society headaches for more than 15 days in a month for a period of 3 months under very less medication can be classified as chronic migraine.  The migraines are more observed in women than in men. The person with this condition may be unable to perform his/ her daily tasks. 

Exact cause for chronic migraine are not known but researches have found some possible reasons by diagnosing  different people effected by this condition. The serotonin levels drop, unsteady estrogen levels, hormonal imbalances might trigger this type of headaches. Some external factors like excessive caffeine, food and sleeping disorders may contribute to chronic migraine.

Things to avoid when you have Chronic Migraine disorder
1. Alcohol ( there are no proven studies to support that alcohol could cause this situation but experiences from people can be considered )
2. Over sleeping
3. A lot of caffeine 
4. Staying in sun for longer duartion
5. Avoid Monosodium Glutamate ( It is a food additive in some chinese foods, cheese etc )

The cause of chronic migraine varies from person to person, so only a proper diagnosis could give a solution. 

How to overcome or prevent Chronic Migraine 
1.  Mediation, yoga and other stress management techniques could improve your health 
     condition in the long run .The important thing is that you make it a routine to see 
     fruitful results.
2. Get close support of your family to deal with this disorder.  
3. Medication

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Chronic Migrane causes and prevention
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