High Cholesterol Health Risks

High cholesterol levels in body is the major cause of many health risks.  The above normal levels of high cholesterol is usually referred as LDL- Low-density lipoprotein. Irrespective of age and gender, any normal person has the risk of  high cholesterol. 
High Cholesterol risks

- High cholesterol elevates the chances of getting of heart diseases, by a large percent. 
- Excess flow of LDL , the bad cholesterol in blood can result in narrowing of arteries by fatty subastances , thus causing pressure on heart blood supply system, which might result in heart attacks. 
-  High cholesterol could cause Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) or Peripheral vascular disease (PVD). In this health condition the supply of blood to the legs is limited by the narrow arteries, which cause leg pains. Smoking is another cause for this condition. 
- Stroke, the person with High level cholesterol is more prone to brain stroke.
- Obesity
- High level sugars in blood increases the chances of Type 2 Diabetes significantly. A person with these both  conditions is potentially in a risk. 

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High Cholesterol Health Risks
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High Cholesterol has a lot of negatives, it is more important to concentrate effectively in dealing with it. Regular check ups and a healthy diet can cut the risks of high cholesterol.

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LDL is too bad for our health, so I am cutting down the foods that increase LDL levels