Best Simple Skin Care Tips in Summer

Dealing with summer sun and heat to protect your skin is not going to be a big task if you implement these following simple tips. 
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Hydration:  In summer skin dehydrates more than ever, so you need a good moisturizer that will help your skin from drying much. It is also advised to drink plenty of water and other liquids which help you from inside the body to prevent skin drying and dehydration.

Tip: If you have a oily skin,  use water based moisturizer.

Sunscreen Creams: Use a best quality sunscreen lotion or cream to protect your skin from sun. A sunscreen cream or lotion act as a guard on the skin by minimizing the effect of UV rays. 

Tip: SPF 15 or  SPF 30 ( sun protection factor ) any sunscreen lotion can be used it doesn't matter much, but buy a quality product.

Tip: Advised to apply before 30 minutes before stepping out for a better skin protection.

Food: What you eat reflects on your skin. In summer or winter eating the right food  is vital as it gives the required components from inside for a healthy and beautiful skin. Avoid oily foods, aerated drinks, alcohol, caffeine in summer for good skin.

Tip: Drink water or fresh juices. Fat free yogurt can also help. Avoid chilled drinks.  

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Hygiene: Clean or wash your skin atleast thrice a day in summer. Reduce use of soaps or creams to clean,  just  try to wash your skin with plenty of water. The risk of acne breakout in summer is high, so try to protect your skin from pollution and other irritants. Exfoliate your skin with natural or home made skin scrubs  to remove the dead cells. Apply face pack with homemade cucumber paste. 

Tip: Do not touch your skin frequently with your palm. Try using back of your hand. 

Avoid exposure to sun for longer hours because sun is more powerful than all the above stuff. ;-)

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Best Simple Skin Care Tips in Summer
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