Regular Exercsing Older People Brains Are 10 Years Younger

We have come across the benefits of exercise many times. We have read it online, newspapers and health magazines. A latest study confirms that the older people who exercise regularly are likely to keep their brain functioning sharp and also 10 years younger.
medium to intense exercises reduces brain ageing by 10 years in older people 

Study done by author Dr. Clinton B. Wright at the University of Miami observed that the people who do minimal or no exercise at all have developed 10 years more ageing of brain when compared to the older people who do medium to intense level of exercises.

The study observed that older people who are less active in exercises have developed decline in performance of the brain over five years. The people who have done good amount of exercises have retained their brain capabilities. It means the older people who exercise regularly have 10 years brain when compared to people who do not.

Dr. Clinton Wright however cautioned that Findings did not prove that exercise is only the single factor that slows "brain ageing". There could be other reasons like education levels, smoking habits, diabetes, high blood pressure that can affect the performance of brain.

Dr. Wright suggested that moderate to intense exercise can slow brain ageing but more clinical trials are required to confirm these results.

The recent study is published in Neurology Journal on March 23. The study is conducted on 900 people with average age of 71 years. According to the study casual walks are not just enough to keep the brain active but jogging and more intense exercises are needed.

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Regular Exercsing Older People Brains Are 10 Years Younger
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